[iconbox tag=”h4″ text=”Read more” icon_position=”top” title=”General Contracting” image=”325″ link=”http://katrin.esagerati.it/our-services/general-contracting/”]As the general contractor, we first create the highest level of trust and integrity with our clients. We value our role in the success of your project…[/iconbox][iconbox tag=”h4″ text=”Read more” icon_position=”top” title=”Preconstruction & Planning” image=”322″ link=”http://katrin.esagerati.it/our-services/preconstruction-planning/”]At Konstruct Construction, our project teams – from project managers and superintendents to estimators and engineers – work diligently with…[/iconbox]
[iconbox tag=”h4″ text=”Read more” icon_position=”top” title=”Construction Management” image=”323″ link=”http://katrin.esagerati.it/our-services/construction-management/”]We view our role as your advocate – we are here to ensure the project is designed and constructed within your budget and that you receive the level of…[/iconbox][iconbox tag=”h4″ text=”Read more” icon_position=”top” title=”Special Projects” image=”320″ link=”http://katrin.esagerati.it/our-services/special-projects/”]At Konstruct Construction, we realize that not every project fits neatly into a construction service category. Our special projects group works with…[/iconbox]
[iconbox tag=”h4″ text=”Read more” icon_position=”top” title=”Design-Build” image=”321″ link=”http://katrin.esagerati.it/our-services/design-build/”]The underlying pillar of our philosophy for design-build projects is trust. By developing and fostering trust between the Owner, contractor, and engineer…[/iconbox][iconbox tag=”h4″ text=”Read more” icon_position=”top” title=”Sustainable Construction” image=”324″ link=”http://katrin.esagerati.it/our-services/sustainable-construction/”]As construction professionals, we understand our responsibility to build and create with as little environmental impact as possible…[/iconbox]


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